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Meanwhile, the Mountie has his hands full training a new recruit In "Beast of a Feast", it's autumn A body has washed up on the beach and the past which was buried once is now a present danger to Tess MacKay and others in the islands. Questions about the corpse's identity lead to an exhumation of an empty grave and further queries about a supposed McIntyre's Gulch has had it's share of misadventure and close calls with the law, but this time disaster looms large.

A corrupt Mountie has stagg Tess has settled into her new home on Little Goose Island only to discover the house has another resident, a troubled ghost whose shocking past has been so deeply buried that she doesn't even have a name. Compelled by compassion and horror, Tess sets Instead, he's stuck in a s Instead o In her unknown relative's ancient house, she Butterscotch receives a call from the states informing her that her father is dying.

But is i It's Halloween and this year Chloe is certain she'll win the pumpkin carving contest, but the night before the competition someone uses Mr. Jackman's giant pumpkin to squash an unpopular dentist. This is publicity the town doesn't need. Can Chloe sol Joe won the ranch fair and square in a poker game, but the people of Medicine Wyoming are not ready for a half-breed neighbor.

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In an effort to achieve calm and respectability, Joe takes his half-brother's advice and contracts for a hard working mail Book Two of the Medicine TrilogyPatience Heckette is on the run, blamed for a murder she didn't commit. Though the deck is stac Butterscotch Jones has other woes besides. A giant skeleton has Initially suspended from the Hope Falls Police Department, Chloe takes on an urgent case for Alex and finds herself playing ghost buster. Haunted is an action packed, cliff hanger of a cozy. You've come this far, why not go all the way? Red, White, and a Dog Named Blue is a collection of short stories that fills in the gaps betwixt and between in Chloe's life.

In the title story, Chloe's 4th of July turns deadly when she is called in to judge a baking competition at the county fair Butterscotch Jones thought that living in the far north provided enough peril to contend with until a private plane crashed outside her hometown of McIntyre's Gulch, Manitoba, Canada. The treasure inside the plane soon attracted both the RCMP and the Zack Moon made a wish on a falling star and his prayers were answered in the form of his new assistant, Addy Claire.

Abigail had always wanted to be a detective, but there were scary things happening at the Psychic Investors Hotline where she wa Who is the mysterious Poe Mourner who comes each year to the poet's grave to leave cognac and roses? Widow, Anna Peyton, wants to know. But the editor of Golden Words Magazine found out far more than she expected about the great poet and is inducted The path of true love is often rocky, but Chloe and Alex are trying to smooth the way by eloping to Las Vegas. On the way, they take a detour through a ghost town and find a body in a pink Cadillac.

Someone is killing Elvis impersonators. Will they b Her romance may also be a casualty with Alex's parents and their cats in town for a visit and not pleased with their son's engagement Something is rotten among the candy canes and rollicking elves, but will Chloe have time to find the killer befor Clay would much rather work as a lifeguard at the beach than at Safari Splash, the new water park in town.

He's certain the summer will drag along, despite his position at the Boa, the park's fastest slide. The summer job starts to get interesting wh The will said she had to marry by her 25th birthday. Where do you find a husband in three days? At the town jail where a man awaits hanging. The plan worked until a week later when the groom got out of jail. Now Angelique and her unwanted husband mus Viking warrior Tranum died in battle but instead of waking up in Valhalla he found himself in Club Valhalla, a tacky, modern day beach resort in California.

Neither Tranum nor the resort were ever the same again An overturned truck has left wild turkeys running loose in Hope Falls. Chloe Boston, unofficial detective and meter maid, is set the task of rounding them up. While Chloe is hunting turkeys she stumbles on a murder. The chief wants both turkeys and k Hope Fall's greatest detective is stuck in parking enforcement because at 98 pounds, 5 foot nothing, she will never be able to pass the department's physical exam.

But with the aid of her dog, and her writer's group, Chloe may just be able to solve H Chloe Boston, meter maid and unofficial sleuth of the Hope Falls Police Department, is on the trail of the Halloween Killer and a second troublesome criminal, the Pumpkin Thief, who has robbed every pumpkin patch in town. Aided by her dog and new boy Karo Follett left her career in a blaze of glorious rage, ditching both work and its attendant philandering plagiarist, her boyfriend, for a job restoring the Belle Ange plantation in Virginia.

On the way, inspiration struck like Yet, all here was not as it seemed. Legend had it Findloss was cursed.

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And the coastal town Joe and his friend Skip are enjoying the thrill of the Big Dip, a famous rollercoaster, until they learn the old man in front of them has been shot. The old man mutters with his dying breath something about getting a Margaret Rose to the police. They claim the Queen squandered France's treasury to buy a sumptuous diamond necklace. Fast forward to the present: Vancouver hi For years, such appearances have signaled doom for the clan Balfour, and there is little reason to believe this time will be any different. Wasn't their laird cut down while defending the Amateur detective and singing sensation Dinah Galloway has enough on her plate without having to worry about being pursued by a vengeful stalker.

The red-headed twelve-year-old is in the running to sing in commercials promoting beautiful British Colu Who would have guessed something he'd penned in jest would turn out to be real and swarm his island retreat? Yet for Ambrose Bierce, renowned nineteenth-century wit and author of The Devil's Dictionary, the joke was on him. If he didn't want to be di It had rained for the last seventeen days--days in which her jaws were locked together and she was unable to spea Ever been at sixes and sevens but longed to be a perfect ten?

Ever wanted to swing, to strut, to dance through life and know the world is your oyster?

Ever wanted to show a megaton more moxie than Marilyn Monroe? You'll be relieved to learn there are Alex had seen a dead man. Not that he should be surprised; he was supposedly dead too. He had chronicled much It's all aboard! But will she make it-or be permanently derailed? Along with her sister Madge, and her fellow junior musicians, tr He ne'er is crowned with immortality who fears to follow where airy voices lead.

But Chloe wasn't hearing voices; she was having visions.

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Troops of bloodred Adonis flowers gone feral; a monument of dark granite that seemed more gargoyle than angel, Down a dirt road, Seraphina Sandoval fled her past. Someone in her position could trust no one--not even the sublime stranger she met on her way. No, Seraphina could ill afford to trust. When the Dark Man had found her, she'd been someone else, a One hundred and sixty years ago Kris Kringle walked the earth spreading the message of love and peace between peoples. Then he was kidnapped and given a drug that wiped out his memory, while the goblins hijacked Christmas. Long ago the hobgoblin Qasim was turned to darkness, was made a master of evil.

His newest plot is a sacrifice of unspeakable horror that will mean full-fledged war between all species. There exists hope to fight back. Nicholas Anthony, an ER doctor, Why i In , Lord Byron stayed at the castle of Dr. Trapped there by a lightning storm, he was approached by the doctor and promised a cure for his epilepsy Dinah Galloway--budding diva, enthusiastic gourmand and amateur detective--is back.

This time she has taken to the high seas with a gig in the lounge of an Alaska-bound cruise ship. Also aboard are her mother and her older sister Madge, a moody profe Snippets of a forgotten past are returning to Nyssa Laszlo, along with the power to project her mind. Each projection thrusts her into a glowing still life of color and time, and her every step leads deeper into undiscovered country.

Things are chang In the alternate world of the Wildside, earth is populated not only by humans but creatures of dark, seductive magic--pookas, sylphs, goblins and more. This wonderland is in delicate balance. And the goblins are always plotting.

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Cyra Delphin never felt quite right in her skin. As a child, her parents made her hide her gifts. What others are afraid to acknowledge--the modern world's seedy underbelly, its Wildside ruled by dark magic Evil forces were on the rise, and lo was part of a secret association dedicated to stopping them. Lutins were replacing society's bigwigs and no one was safe. The only solution was to infiltrate the menace, travel beneath the Motor City into the hord While the war to end all wars has changed the face of Europe, some things stay the same; the tempestuous Scottish coast remains a place of unquenchable magic and mystery.

Sequestered at Fintry Castle by the whim of her mistress, Hexy Garrow spares se Dinah Galloway, fresh from her adventures with spies and bucktooth burglars, is back in a hilarious new adventure. Chosen for a lead role in the musical version of Wilkie Collins' The Moonstone, eleven-year-old Dinah--amateur detective, budding singe Yet in his first incarnation, Dom was not to find happiness.

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His wife and unborn child were murdered, and Dom himself swore never again to feel such pain. With the letter breaking his engagement, Stephan Kirton's hopes for respectability go up in smoke.

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Inevitably, his "interaction with the lower classes" and the fact that he is a bastard have put him beyond the scope of polite society. He finds consol Confronting a prowler in the backyard, Dinah is determined to find out why someone has taken an interest in her older sister and herself.

Who is the buck-tooth burglar? Why are the Rinaldi's tomatoes always involved?

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