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Western Movie Holsters

All of our belts have slots with woven loops. Sewn loops can rip and your bullets scratch the belt. See home page for color choices on photo with cowboy boots. This style allows for a very fast draw. One drop loop is oval and the other is straight with a closed toe bottom. Now you can own our adaptation of these famous spur straps. Double rows of scalloped edges decorate the leather, along with hand back grounded contrast. Heavy duty, oval, nickel center bar strap buckles complete this unique replica.

Available in any barrel length for any cowboy gun. Movie Quality. Edge groove. Comes standard with 18 loops. Pattern redesigned to be more accurate after more data was received, just like in the movie. Limited Production. There is a lot of space for hand tooling or stamping on these straps. They are not adjustable so you will need to put your spurs on your boots and measure across the top of your foot arch from side button to side button and make sure it is snug. There is a button hole in each side and they they are often easier to attach to the boots first then put the boots on.

You look like somebody just walked over your grave. On October 6, Holliday was deputized and helping to disarm 5 outlaws which turned into the gunfight at the O. The buckle was found on the Holliday land and was obtained from a local historian for us to make a mold and cast. Sheath can be made in any color.

High carbon steel double edged, high polished, razor sharp blade. Only a few left and then there will be none…. Black strong side or cross draw belt holster used often when gambling. More comfortable when sitting. This pattern took a long time to complete courtesy of Peter Sherayko who provided it for the movie and is the current owner.

Also has billeted gun belt and clipped corner buckle. The billeted belt has repeating edge stamping and a clipped corner gunfighter buckle. You go first. The billeted belt has a clipped corner gunfighter buckle. If you have ever fired an 8 gauge you will not be without one of these. In fact you might want one for your 10 or 12 gauge.

Stitch holes are pre punched for hand sewing if desired. Everett Hitch carries an 8 gauge double barrel shot gun. These can also be made in 12 or 10 gauge. Newt plays Capt. Dark brown, cross draw, military style holster without flap. Black military cap box for cartridges or bullet loops, dark brown gun belt and nickel clipped corner buckle as worn by Ranger Captain Woodrow Call. Made to fit any size single action. Domed nickel spots are then attached. Inside is lined with red suede. Very difficult holster to construct. Cartridge belt has domed nickel spots installed between each bullet loop.

Loops are more narrow to show off the bullets like the movie. Fully edge stamped and hand tooled. Colt Single Action can be drawn extremely fast from this holster. The pattern for this holster took years to obtain and was copied from the original used to make one of the holsters worn in many of his early westerns. This young man was given a lot of advice by Wyatt on how the old west really was, what their guns and gun leather looked like, and how they acted, walked, and talked.

This rig is our adaptation. One of two styles of holsters can be made to go with the belt. Either the traditional or one with a visible skirt. The holster is lined and has the trigger guard exposed. When disassembled, you will find that this is a two piece holster with the shaft separate from the skirt. Our version results in a firm holster that is lightning to draw from. This is a complex holster to make and takes more time than others to construct.

During the research process we also discussed the design features and modifications with folks that have seen the original. Another psuedo western movie filmed in with some of the biggest stars of the era. The story line involves chasing after a long lost treasure in the Sahara desert. The belt has no bullet loops and the holster is reminiscent of his normal trademark leather except for the toe that is sewn closed. The gun is very unique in that it is a Swiss Model revolver in 7. Our movie production sources indicate that the holster he wore was an original Heiser , with a custom fully tooled belt to match.

The buckle and belt tip cast for this set comes from a Stembridge western movie collection. It is heavy silver plated with superior quality. Replica Photo from customer Noah Beery Jr. This is a very authentic rig that has drawn our attention for many years. The design has a double drop look and is scoop throated with nickel studs along the top and both drop loops. A large domed concho is between the holster top and the first drop loop. Unique pineapple checkered, high top, closed toe, double drop loop holster.

Wide tapered cartridge belt and buckle. Prototype made for potential new western movie. He wore this cartridge slide on the left side of his belt. Single drop loop holster with edge stamping, engraved nickel studs, and thong. Of all our Schofield holsters this one seems to carry this large frame gun the most comfortably. This holster can be made in straight or cross draw. Embossed with a large U. This is a heavier gauge than most bullet boxes and is constructed for hard use. Six loop rifle cartridge lace on slide for rifle butt stock. Orrin Sacklet wears a period Slim Jim, cartridge belt and buckle.

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Patterned after a real gunfighter Ford was a great actor and an accomplished six gun handler. He was attributed as one of the fastest gun men in Hollywood. This TV western still stands as one of the most authentic ever produced for a TV series. As close as we could make to the original, including the laced on suede fringe and hand painted Indian designs. Edges are double stitched and interior is pebble grain leather to reduce moisture retention. Correct lacing and stamping as on original. Indian replicas not made by Native Americans as defined by 2.

Photo Pending Correct Indian painted leather hat band with Indian bead work and real rattlesnake rattle, adapted from the original on display at the National Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma City. If you think saddle bags are easy to make, try making them. Coming Soon. Smith, Ark. We visited Ft. Set includes black double drop holster with billeted gun belt and clipped corner buckle. Hammer thong included. Correct holster is straight up and down. Toe forward style is also available. Can be sized for any cowboy single action pistol. One holster, gun belt, and buckle. It is unique in that there is one strap from the top of the shoulder holster on the left, going over the left shoulder and looping over your pant belt above the right pocket.

The back of the holster has two holes for a thong that can tie to your belt on the left side. This has been a challenge to find a correct pattern for this rig since it is never seen from the back side during the movie. Original rig was by Andy Anderson. The two main characters are Vin Tanner and Chris Adams. Note: if you choose light thread with a black or brown holster and gun belt you can expect some color transfer onto the thread. This cannot be avoided and is the only way to make this rig.

We normally make authentic cowboy gun leather. However, as a tribute to Yul Brynner and the greatest western of all time we decided to make it. If you want this rig, please call and get on the list- first come, first done. A very special thanks to Bob Arganbright for input on the pattern and floral tooling layout. We had this concho created from enhanced photo enlargements by a jeweler and cast in the USA. This style is adapted from the original toe forward holster as it appeared in the movie.

Like the original the holster sits in a notch on the belt and locks in to the holster with a tab at the bottom. As the movie, this rig uses a sewn on tongue and buckle end billeted Ranger belt. There is a V-2 angled slit in the belt that the holster goes through making this set into a toe forward fast draw rig. Frank T. Hopkins was an American cowboy who competed in the Ocean of Fire, an endurance horse race across the Arabian Desert.

Hopkins rode Hidalgo, a paint Sioux mustang. This special design allowed the gun to be worn on either the right or the left side. He also wore a knife and sheath with a widely laced edge. One of our fastest drawing rigs. Has several special features built in for speed.

Classic old west look. To add nickel studs on belt and holster call for pricing. Note: both holsters are in chocolate oil base color stain but with different lighting.


This rig, conchos and buckle had the assistance of CSI photo enhancement technology in its recreation. The original design and construction by Rodd Redwing, Indian stunt man and famous fast draw coach for western movie actors. Shane unlined belt with up to six conchos in nickel plated white bronze depending on the belt length and matching buckle. Note that the conchos will start approx.

Accepting orders now! Our hand cast conchos are finally in. Specify if you want the rear of the belt colored or not. We take great care to hand rub saddle finish to seal the color in but there is no way to guarantee there will not be any color transfer to your clothing. These holsters were specifically designed for quick draw and are as fast as a wisp of smoke. Our favorite karate action hero starred in this modern day western as a Southwestern Sheriff. Straight belt with a black roller buckle and two belt loops.

We can fit this to any Single Action for you. The buckle is one of our own L. Andy Anderson produced some really nice gun leather for this movie. No, you take it for your funeral. Holster can be made for any western single action in any barrel length. A freeman, Elam has been promoted to Chief of Police for the western spur of the Union Pacific trying to keep order as the management is entangled in the Credit Mobilier scandal that involved bribing congressmen and stock speculations.

This has no meaning to Elam as he struggles to keep order in the rail town many call Hell. Ferguson carries a Colt open top in a Slim Jim holster that sports full basket weave, bordered with decorative arches. A common Bounty Hunter hat band seen in the old west was often composed of a wide band of leather with nickel or brass studs to set it off. Other color choices and studs available. This set is in old walnut color with a choice of our oval engraved Amarillo buckle or our Indian buckle in solid brass or white bronze. This is of our finest tooling leather quality and fully pebble grain lined with 24 bullet loops centered in the back in your caliber.

In addition there are three bullet loops just off of the tongue end. Note the authentic Southwestern Indian original tooling stamped edge.

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Along with the above rig we were asked to create a matching shoulder holster with engraved concho. They also chose our white bronze, L. Nimshke, post Civil War style engraved concho on the top strap shown here. Old Walnut color hat band with matching Indian stamped designs along the entire length. Engraved, nickel buckle and engraved domed spots decorate the hat band. Rig consists of an U. There were not very many holster makers back in the day. The holster has edge stamping. This gritty western was directed by Sam Peckinpah and saw many new stars and unique guns such as the Remington semi automatic rifle.

From to Jimmy Stewart made a total of 98 films that you could get immersed in. His characters were flawed like real folks and he always was the good guy looking out for others.

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We are making this reproduction as a tribute to his contribution to our western movie history. From to Robert Mitchum played in movies, many were westerns with all of the big cowboy stars. His acting was superb and he was a believable reluctant hero.

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In Robert Taylor made an involved western with Julie London as his co-star. The belt has a tapered tongue and the buckle end is billeted with a sewn on buckle. Both the holster and the gun belt are fully floral tooled. He was an a ging gunslinger wanting to settle down with his long separated son. However, his old enemies would not let this happen and had other plans for him. Note the leg tie to keep this holster secure and ready for a lightning action. Our version is reproduced as close as possible to the one worn in the movie.

Angel Eyes Series

Original Photo William S. Hart made westerns from to The clothes and gun leather in his films were originals. Hart wore a thin gun belt and a close fitting double drop loop holster. Check the internet- no other copy is like our original To antique the buckle like in the series, sprinkle gravel and sand on the buckle and lightly hammered it to show pits, then blackened the buckle and polished the surface off till they got the look they wanted We can antique your buckle -POR.

Most folks think the nine shot LeMatt pistol with a center 20 gauge barrel is French. Below is the list of my 10 favorite Westerns, limited to Westerns made during the sound era of movies. In the movie, Director Ford sets up a series of repeated visual motifs that build to one of the most powerful emotional endings in any movie, not just in any Western. Ethan must overcome his own inner demons to become the hero his niece and nephew need him to be. Another John Wayne movie directed by John Ford. Tom retrieves the wristband from an Indian who attacks him after the raid on the wagon train.

He then gives it to his adopted son, Matt, who in turn gives it to the woman he loves after he takes control of the cattle drive from Tom because Tom wanted to hang one of the cowboys on the drive. SHANE is one of the most iconic Westerns ever made and certainly one of the most beautifully photographed. Their gritty impact is probably because of the horrors of war that George Stevens experienced and witnessed as a war photographer in Europe during World War II.

Nathan Brittles, a soldier on the verge of retirement. An uprising by a young and reckless Indian leader forces Brittles to set things right, while keeping rein on a romantic rivalry between his two young lieutenants for the hand of a young lady at the fort and keeping a rein on his rough but lovable aide, a loquacious, boastful sergeant played brilliantly by the great Victor McLaglen. Hoch, who won an Oscar for his brilliant work here. In the end, as in the Japanese original, the surviving gunfighters realize that the farmers are the real enduring winners because they belong to the land and have families to protect.

You think I am brave because I carry a gun; well, your fathers are much braver because they carry responsibility, for you, your brothers, your sisters, and your mothers. And, this responsibility is like a big rock that weighs a ton. It bends and it twists them until finally it buries them under the ground.

They do it because they love you, and because they want to. I have never had this kind of courage. John Wayne plays John T. Chance, a sheriff who keeps trying to discourage other people in the town from helping him hold off a cattle baron from rescuing his brother, whom Chance has arrested for murder. The townspeople, including a lady gambler who just arrived in town, keep ignoring his advice and help Chance and his deputies when they need their help the most. Of course, Wayne binds them all together, but his job here is to make them look good.

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