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Ever the observer, Cook was the first European to have extensive contact with various people of the Pacific. He correctly postulated a link among all the Pacific peoples, despite their being separated by great ocean stretches see Malayo-Polynesian languages. Cook theorised that Polynesians originated from Asia, which scientist Bryan Sykes later verified. In New Zealand the coming of Cook is often used to signify the onset of colonisation.

Cook carried several scientists on his voyages; they made significant observations and discoveries. The two collected over 3, plant species.

Captain Cook's journal

Artists also sailed on Cook's first voyage. Sydney Parkinson was heavily involved in documenting the botanists' findings, completing drawings before his death near the end of the voyage. They were of immense scientific value to British botanists. Several officers who served under Cook went on to distinctive accomplishments. Bligh is most known for the mutiny of his crew which resulted in his being set adrift in He later became governor of New South Wales , where he was the subject of another mutiny—the Rum Rebellion.

George Dixon , who sailed under Cook on his third expedition, later commanded his own. Cook's contributions to knowledge were internationally recognised during his lifetime. In , while the American colonies were fighting Britain for their independence , Benjamin Franklin wrote to captains of colonial warships at sea, recommending that if they came into contact with Cook's vessel, they were to "not consider her an enemy, nor suffer any plunder to be made of the effects contained in her, nor obstruct her immediate return to England by detaining her or sending her into any other part of Europe or to America; but that you treat the said Captain Cook and his people with all civility and kindness Cook's voyages were involved in another unusual first.

The first recorded circumnavigation of the world by an animal was by Cook's goat, who made that memorable journey twice; the first time on HMS Dolphin , under Samuel Wallis , and then aboard Endeavour. When they returned to England, Cook had the goat presented with a silver collar engraved with lines from Samuel Johnson : Perpetui, ambita bis terra, praemia lactis Haec habet altrici Capra secunda Jovis. Cook's journal recorded the date of the goat's death: 28 March Minted for the th anniversary of his discovery of the islands, its low mintage 10, has made this example of Early United States commemorative coins both scarce and expensive.

This land, although in Hawaii, was deeded to the United Kingdom. The first institution of higher education in North Queensland, Australia was named after him, with James Cook University opening in Townsville in A large aquatic monument is planned for Cook's landing place at Botany Bay , Sydney.

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One of the earliest monuments to Cook in the United Kingdom is located at The Vache , erected in by Admiral Hugh Palliser , a contemporary of Cook and one-time owner of the estate. Cook's widow Elizabeth was also buried in the church and in her will left money for the memorial's upkeep.

The th anniversary of Cook's birth was marked at the site of his birthplace in Marton , by the opening of the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum , located within Stewart Park A granite vase just to the south of the museum marks the approximate spot where he was born. Also named after Cook is the James Cook University Hospital , a major teaching hospital which opened in with a railway station serving it called James Cook opening in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the British explorer.

For other uses, see James Cook disambiguation. For other uses, see Captain Cook disambiguation. Marton , Yorkshire, England.

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Exploration of Botany Bay and Surrounding Coast of Australia an Excerpt from Captain Cook's Journal

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The 20 best travel books of all time

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The Journals of Captain Cook by James R. Cook | Books

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The Journals of Captain James Cook on his Voyages of Discovery

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Toggle navigation World Digital Library. Listen to this page. Read Online. After studying briefly at Dartmouth College, he went to sea as a common sailor. This book recounts his observations of Alaska, Kamchatka, southern China, and the islands of the South Pacific. Ledyard later conceived of a plan to cross Russia, continue across the Bering Strait to Alaska, and eventually reach Virginia by traversing all of North America.

He set out from St. His is the first recorded European contact with the eastern coastline of Australia and the Hawaiian Islands, the first documented circumnavigation of New Zealand, and he further penetrated the far-flung waters of Antarctica, Tahiti, New Caledonia, Alaska and Tonga. It was after failing to find this that Cook turned south to explore Hawaii, where he was stabbed and killed by islanders in Contemporary full-colour images of such subjects as Cook, his crews and ships, the places they visited and the inhabitants of these locations enhance the text, alongside black-and-white integrated maps.

In addition, the chart of the voyages of Captain Cook accompanies the three volumes in its own cloth-bound map case. Captain James Cook —79 was a naval captain, navigator, explorer and cartographer. Born in Marton, Yorkshire, the son of an agricultural labourer, he was apprenticed to a Quaker shipowner in Whitby and served two years in the Baltic trade. Cook joined the Royal Navy in , became master of the Pembroke in , and the following year took part in the siege of Louisburg and the survey of the St Lawrence River that led to the capture of Quebec.

In , Cook was chosen to lead a scientific exploration to observe the transit of Venus in the South Seas for the Royal Society, and the Admiralty duly promoted him from master to lieutenant and gave him command of the Endeavour. This was the first of three voyages to the Pacific ocean: the first, from —71, as lieutenant of the Endeavour ; the second, from —5, as commander of the Resolution , accompanied by the Adventure ; and the third from until his death in as captain of the Resolution , accompanied by the Discovery.

Over the course of these voyages Cook circumnavigated and charted New Zealand, surveyed and claimed the east coast of Australia, explored Antarctica, visited Tahiti and discovered island groups such as New Caledonia and Hawaii. Philip Edwards — was a professor of English literature and an editor. A fascinating story of perilous seas and brilliant innovation, accompanied by wonderful colour photographs.

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