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Forgotten password Use the form below to recover your username and password. New details will be emailed to you. Simply reserve online and pay at the counter when you collect. Available in shop from just two hours, subject to availability. Your order is now being processed and we have sent a confirmation email to you at. But my mother was a very good cook, so I learned everything from her first. Then I got married and my mother-in-law was a very good cook as well. In Dar es Salaam, where I grew up, my mother taught me to cook savouries, curries and vegetable dishes.

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It was all vegetarian food, we never even had eggs back then. I still cook vegetarian — no eggs, no meat, no fish — but I do use a lot of yogurt.

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I always tell everybody my skin is not that wrinkly because of the yogurt. We left Tanzania for England 45 years ago. I was all the time crying because I missed my family. It was good pay, good people, everything good, so eventually I settled.

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Even when I was working, I had time to cook. My husband can do only beans on toast, but he helps a lot with housework. My children were very good eaters, I never had any problem. I like making savouries for them — I always make my own Bombay mix. My way is completely old-style. They love my proper curries — lentil curry, a curry I make with yogurt.

They really love my food. Food is a big chunk of my life. My husband had three children from his previous marriage and I had three with him, so I ended up with six children and I had to cater for all of them. He went out early and I always had a meal waiting when he came in. I never resented it. The children all had their little jobs: one cleared the table, one filled the dishwasher and one dried up.

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I had a very happy marriage. But he eats it all. My dinners are not complete without a pudding.

I do one every single day and try to vary them as much as possible. I grow all my own vegetables as well, chemical-free. You use them as you would tinned tomatoes. So here we are. Hey there, I know another picture of a cookie… But it's so yummy not to Share. Hope you all have the most sweetest week ever, share with me your goals for this week. The recipe for this is in my bio because it was totally requested. So the Instacooks Cook book hey. Well I wanted to create a space that we can share all my recipes, tips and ticks and any Instagram hints.

Spending so much time on Instagram and talking to everyone I found myself sharing Instagram Knowledge so thought a few Insta guides here and there would be helpful. Ultimately we are here to share recipes. Sharing any recipes that I use is something I do often through messages and being able to link to this site will help others try out the super recipes I find.

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Of course I would love to share recipes all day every day but how much time is there in a day really? This is why I would love to invite you to share a recipe or 2 with me. We are building our shout out sections and would love to shout out you recipes too! Okay so I know you stick to one thing and food is my thing, However….. Talking to so many people every day on Instagram that I hear the same problems and issues coming up.

I am consistently learning what I can on the online world and you know me and sharing.

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Thanks for reading, I really am an open book so just ask if you want to know more. I really would love to hear some of your favourite recipes and hope you enjoy reading mine. Have a wonderful day,. Spread the love.