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His student was Cecil Hambrough, a young army officer from a family of good standing. One morning, Monson, Hambrough and a mysterious figure known as Mr Scott went hunting. Hambrough was shot in the head and died instantly.

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There followed a police investigation and one of the most sensational trials in legal history. Bell and Littlejohn worked on many of the most famous crimes in Scotland. Bell was renowned for his displays of deductive reasoning, figuring out the life stories of patients before they even spoke.

Doyle seized this remarkable skill and took it to its logical conclusion in the guise of Holmes. Littlejohn, meanwhile, was the police surgeon for Edinburgh and a pioneer of fingerprinting and crime-scene photography.

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They were involved in several major investigations. However, Ardlamont was their most high-profile case.

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It came to a head as Doyle was trying to kill off the Holmes, whom Doyle felt kept him from more serious work. It seemed the perfect lens through which to look at how their stories intertwined. The story had been swirling around my head for perhaps five years. There were vast amounts of material to go through and re-evaluate, and I spent many hours with my head buried in various archives. As for writing, once I had my research material together, it took about nine months to turn it into the finished book.

I'd always wanted to have a go at writing a murder mystery, but there was no way I could ever find the time to work as an intern at a police HQ or a pathology lab, even if they let complete strangers in to do that sort of thing, which I doubt. Fortunately, there is a solution for those of us who lack the enthusiasm for the technicalities of a postmortem, and that is simply to turn back the clock.

Turn it back far enough, to the days before detection was all about science, and you are free to reintroduce the non-professional sleuth, living on his or her wits. Sixteenth-century England seemed to me the perfect period to set a smart outsider to work solving a series of shadowy murders. With the Protestant queen Elizabeth on the throne and the Catholic powers of Europe keen to see her removed by whatever means and England brought back to the Roman Church, the air was thick with conspiracy theories, assassination plots, suspicion and betrayal.

Catholic priests and would-be killers arrived from mainland Europe in an array of enterprising disguises, and the government had its hands full trying to monitor the coastline and ports for potential subversives.

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Hardly surprising, then, that this period gave birth to modern espionage, in the sense of an organised and centralised intelligence service. Sir Francis Walsingham, Elizabeth's Secretary of State and spymaster, created a network of undercover agents and informers recruited from every walk of life to observe and report any signs of unrest.

Of course, historical novels require a considerable degree of research as well, but happily it's the kind you can do in libraries or wandering around old buildings, and you don't need to be wearing a sterile bodysuit.

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But in many ways it's wonderfully liberating, and allows more freedom of imagination when it comes to the murders, too. Rather than having to think, 'Ah, yes, but the killer would have left fingerprints,' you can answer yourself, 'yes, but they didn't have fingerprints in those days, never mind DNA profiling. Perhaps the increasing popularity of historical thrillers at the moment marks a nostalgia for the old-school amateur detective, independent of the law, relying on good old-fashioned powers of deduction rather than a sophisticated chemistry set.

It's certainly a lot more fun than being stuck in a lab.

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