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Lotti - Credo in F. Lotti - Crucifixus a 8. Lotti - Missa brevis in D. Lotti - Missa brevis in F E flat. Lotti - Missa Sapientiae. Machuel - La puce Copyright. Machuel - Le rossignol Copyright. Mahler - Symphony nr. Mancini arr. Zegree - Moon river Copyright. Marenzio - Laudate Dominum a 8. Martin - Mass for double choir Copyright. Martini - O salutaris a 4.

Martinson - Arise my love Copyright. Maw - One foot in Eden still, I stand Copyright. Mawby - Alleluia Copyright. Mawby - Ave verum Copyright. Mawby - Jubilate Deo Copyright. Mawby - Pastoralmesse in G Copyright. McCartney - Ecce cor meum choral suite Copyright. McCullough - Holocaust cantata songs from the camps Copyright. McDowall - A winter's night Copyright. Memley - Ave Maria Copyright. Memley - Lux aeterna Copyright. Memley - Sing Cantate Domino Copyright. Mendelssohn - Aus tiefer Noth schrei' ich zu dir Op. Mendelssohn - Christe, du Lamm Gottes.

Mendelssohn - Christus. Mendelssohn arr. Willcocks - Hark! The herald-angels sing Copyright. Mendelssohn - Jesu, meine Freude. Mendelssohn - St.

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Paul Op. Mendelssohn - Veni Domine Op. Mendelssohn - Laudate pueri Op. Mendelssohn - Surrexit pastor bonus Op. Mendelssohn - Psalm 42 Op. Mendelssohn - Psalm 95 Op. Mendelssohn - Lobgesang Symphony nr. Mendelssohn - Jauchzet dem Herrn, alle Welt Op. Mendelssohn - Lauda Sion Op.

Mendelssohn - Drei geistliche Lieder Op. Mendelssohn - Elijah. Mendelssohn - Elijah version in German - first part. Mendelssohn - Te Deum WoO Mendelssohn - Te Deum in A. Mercury arr. Brymer - Bohemian Rhapsody Copyright. Milliken - Missa piccola Copyright. Monteverdi - Altri canti di Marte prima parte. Monteverdi - Angelus ad pastores ait. Monteverdi - Ave Maria. Monteverdi - Beatus vir SV Monteverdi - De la bellezza le dovute lodi. Monteverdi - Ecco mormorar l'onde.

Monteverdi - Hor che'l ciel e la terra first part. Monteverdi - Lamento d'Arianna. Monteverdi - Lauda Jerusalem. Monteverdi - Magnificat primo. Monteverdi - Magnificat secondo. Monteverdi - Choral excerpts from "L'Orfeo". Monteverdi - Quam pulchra es. Monteverdi - Si ch'io vorrei morire. Monteverdi - Son questi i crespi crini. Monteverdi - Seguita il ballo from "Tirsi e Clori". Monteverdi - Vespers of Morley - It was a lover and his lass.

Mozart - Kyrie in F KV Mozart - Missa Brevis KV Mozart - Inter natos mulierum KV Mozart - Regina coeli KV Mozart - Litaniae Lauretanae B. Mozart - Benedictus sit Deus KV Mozart - Te Deum KV Breuer Copyright. Mozart - Misericordias Domini KV Mozart - Litaniae de venerabili altaris Sacramento KV Mozart - Venite populi KV Mozart - Missa brevis KV Mozart - Regina coeli KV Edition 1. Mozart - Regina coeli KV Edition 2. Mozart - Alma Dei creatoris mater KV Mozart - Vesperae de Dominica KV Mozart - Missa solemnis in C KV Mozart - Kyrie in D minor KV Mozart - 6 nocturnes Edition 1.

Mozart - 6 nocturnes Edition 2. Mozart - Ave verum KV Mozart - Requiem KV Edition 1. Mozart - Requiem KV Edition 2. Mozart - Requiem KV completed by R. Levin Copyright. Maunder Copyright. Mozart - Herr und Gott. Mozart arr. Kreuzpointer - Missa brevissima Copyright. Nitsch - Jesus zu dir Copyright. Noyon arr. Offenbach - Barcarolle from "Les contes d'Hoffmann". Orban - Daemon irrepit callidus Copyright. Orff - Carmina Burana Copyright. Pachelbel - Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied. Pachelbel - Magnificat.

Padworski - The cloud Copyright. Palestrina - Alma redemptoris mater. Palestrina - Canite tuba. Palestrina - Domine quando veneris. Palestrina - Ego sum panis vivus. Palestrina - Missa "Aeterna Christi munera". Palestrina - Missa Brevis. Palestrina - Missa "Iste confessor".

Palestrina - Missa "Regina coeli". Palestrina - Sicut cervus. Palestrina - Sitivit anima mea. Palestrina - Super flumina Babylonis. Palestrina - Tu es Petrus a 5. Panufnik - Westminster Mass Copyright. Parry - Blest pair of Sirens. Parry arr. Lang - Blest pair of Sirens 4-part version Copyright. Parry - I was glad. Parry - My soul, there is a country. Parry - Ode to music. Passereau - Il est bel et bon.

Patterson - O be joyful Copyright. Paulus ad. Pergolesi - Confitebor tibi Domine. Pergolesi - Domine ad adjuvandum me festina. Pergolesi - Kyrie eleison from "Missa romana". Pergolesi - O sacrum convivium. Pergolesi - Stabat Mater Edition 1. Pergolesi - Stabat Mater Edition 2. Ratcliffe Copyright. Perosi - Magnificat Copyright. Perosi - Missa "Benedicamus Domino" Copyright. Perosi - Missa eucharistica Copyright. Perosi - Missa secunda pontificalis Copyright. Perosi - The passion of Christ according to St.

Mark Copyright. Perosi - La risurrezione di Cristo Copyright. Petker - A song of Joys Copyright. Phillips, Phillips arr. Emerson - California dreamin' Copyright. Poulenc - Gloria Corrections Copyright. Poulenc - Le chien perdu Copyright. Poulenc - Stabat mater Copyright. Praetorius - Forti animo esto. Praetorius - Indica mihi. Praetorius - Quam pulchra es. Praetorius - Surge propera. Praetorius - Veni in hortum meum.

Praetorius - En natus est Emmanuel. Praetorius - In dulci jubilo. Praetorius - Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland a 6. Puccini - Messa di Gloria. Puccini - Requiem. Purcell - Allelujah.


Purcell - Behold, I bring you glad tidings. Purcell - Cantate Domino from "Morning and evening service in B flat". Purcell - Dido and Aeneas. Purcell - Dioclesian. Purcell - Selection from "The fairy queen". Purcell - Hail bright Cecilia from "Ode for St. Cecilia's day" Purcell - I will give thanks unto Thee. Purcell - King Arthur. Purcell - Lord, have mercy upon us. Purcell - O Lord, God of hosts. Purcell - Soul of the world. Purcell - Welcome to all the pleasures.

Quick arr. Rachmaninoff - All-night vigil op. Rachmaninoff - The Angel op. Rachmaninoff - Ave Maria Copyright. Rachmaninoff - Bogoroditse Devo. Radecke - Aus der Jugendzeit. Rameau - Traversez les plus vaste mers from "Les Indes galantes". Rameau - Tremblement de terre from "Les Indes galantes". Raminsh - Magnificat Copyright. Ramirez - Misa criolla Copyright. Ramirez - Navidad nuestra Copyright. Ramirez - La peregrinacion Copyright.

Raye, Prince - Boogie woogie bugle boy Copyright. Refice - Ego dilecto meo Copyright. Refice - Missa Deus refugium nostrum et virtus Copyright. Reger - O Tod, wie bitter bist Du. Reger transcr. Dipiazza - Ninna nanna di Maria Mariae Wiegenlied op. Reid arr. Reimann - Pastoralmesse in C - Christkindlsmesse. Rejcha - Te Deum. Rheinberger - Abendlied op. Rheinberger - Hymne "Dein sind die Himmel" op.

Rheinberger - Mass in C op. Rheinberger - Passionsgesang op. Rheinberger - Requiem op. Rheinberger - Salve Regina op. Rheinberger - Stabat mater op. Rische arr. Rossi - Adon Olam. Rossi - Psalm Rossi - Psalm version 1. Rossi - Psalm version 2. Rossini - Ave Maria. Rossini - Brindisi. Rossini - Il candore in fuga. Rossini - Il Carnevale di Venezia edition 1.

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Rossini - Il Carnevale di Venezia edition 2. Rossini - Coro di ninfe. Rossini - I gondolieri. Rossini - La notte del Santo Natale. Rossini - La passeggiata. Rossini - Petite Messe Solennelle. Rossini - Quartetto pastorale. Rossini - Salve o vergine Maria. Rossini - Stabat Mater. Rossini - Toast pour le nouvel an.

Runestad - Alleluia Copyright.

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Runestad - Let my love be heard Copyright. Rutter - All bells in paradise Copyright. Rutter - All things bright and beautiful Copyright. Rutter - 10 carols for mixed voices Copyright. Rutter arr. Rutter - Feel the Spirit Copyright. Rutter - For the beauty of the earth Copyright. Rutter - Gloria Copyright. Rutter - It was a lover and his lass Copyright. Rutter - Magnificat Copyright. Rutter - My true love hath my heart Copyright.

Rutter - Praise ye the Lord Copyright. Rutter - Psalmfest Copyright. Rutter - Requiem Copyright. Rutter - The very best time of the year. Saladin - Canticum Hebraicum. Salieri - Mass nr. Salieri - Requiem in C minor. Salieri - Salve Regina. Scarlatti - Adorna thalamum. Scarlatti - Exultate Deo. Scarlatti - Salve Regina a 4. Scarlatti - Magnificat. Scheidt - Surrexit Christus hodie. Schein - Maria Magdalena. Schubert - Mass in F Major D Schubert - Salve Regina D Schubert - Mass nr. Schubert - An die Sonne D Schubert - Stabat mater D Schubert - Psalm 23 D Edition 1. Schubert - Psalm 23 D Edition 2.

Schubert - Shepherds' chorus from "Rosamunde" D Schubert - Der Gondelfahrer D Schubert - Der Tanz D Schubert - Deutsche Messe D Edition 1. Schubert - Deutsche Messe D Edition 2. Schubert arr. Schubert - Mirjam's Siegesgesang D Schumann - Der Schmidt. Schumann - Requiem op. Schumann - Verzweifle nicht in Schmerzenstal op. Shemer arr. Aldema - Jerusalem of gold Copyright. Sheremetev - Nine sili nemesniya Now the powers of heaven. Simon arr. Shaw - Bridge over troubled water Copyright. Singh - Johnny said, "no!

Evangelische Lutherischen Gesangbuch

Sisask - Eesti Missa Copyright. Snyder arr. Sommerro arr. Spevacek - Joyfully sing Copyright. Stainer - The Crucifixion. Stanford - Beati quorum via. Stanford - Te Deum in B flat. Stravinsky - Symphony of psalms Copyright. Sweelinck - Euge serve bone. Sweelinck - Pseaume Sweelinck - Qual vive salamandra. Sweelinck - Vanitas vanitatum I. Sweelinck - Viri galilaei. Tallis - O nata lux. Tavener - God is with us Copyright. Tavener - The lamb Copyright.

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Tavener - Song for Athene Copyright. Tavener - Thunder entered her Copyright. Tchaikovsky - The cherubic hymn version in English. Tchaikovsky - Dostoino est. Thiman - Go, lovely rose Copyright. Thompson - Alleluia Copyright. Todd - Ave Verum Corpus Copyright. Todd - Mass in blue Copyright. Tomkins - Too much I once lamented. Tormis - Kanarbik Copyright. Tormis - On hilissuvi Copyright. Tucapsky - The Sacrifice Copyright. Tudor - Pastime with good company. Uusberg - Muusika Copyright.

Vails arr. Thompson - The storm is passing over Copyright. Vanhal - Missa pastoralis. Vasks - The fruit of silence Copyright. Vasquez - Con que la lavare. Vasquez - De los alamos vengo, madre. Vaughan Williams - The first Nowell concert version Copyright. Vaughan Williams - Five mystical songs Copyright. Vaughan Williams - Benedicite Copyright. Vaughan Williams - Dona nobis pacem Copyright. Vaughan Williams - Fantasia on Christmas carols Copyright. Vaughan Williams - Lord, Thou hast been our refuge Copyright. Vaughan Williams - Mass in G minor Copyright. Vaughan Williams - Serenade to Music Copyright.

Vaughan Williams - Toward the unknown region Copyright. Verdi - Ave Maria from "Quattro pezzi sacri". Verdi - Messa da Requiem. Verdi - Introduction chorus from "Nabucco". Verdi - Chorus of the Hebrew slaves from "Nabucco". Verdi - Gloria all'Egitto from "Aida". Verdi - Pater noster. Verdi - Stabat Mater. Verdi - Fuoco di gioia from "Otello". Viadana - Exsultate justi. Vierne - Messe solennelle.

Vivaldi - Kyrie RV Vivaldi - Gloria RV see note. Vivaldi - Gloria RV Edition 1.

Vivaldi - Gloria RV Edition 2. Vivaldi - Credo RV Vivaldi - Dixit Dominus RV Vivaldi - Beatus vir RV Vivaldi - In exitu Israel RV Vivaldi - Laudate Dominum RV Vivaldi - Laetatus sum RV Vivaldi - Lauda Jerusalem RV Vivaldi - Magnificat RV Vivanco - Magnificat octavi toni. Wade arr. Wilberg - O come, all ye faithful Copyright.

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