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Is Changeless Time No Time At All?

Grandmother: In my day, no decent young woman would wear anything as immodest as what you've got on. Granddaughter: Times change, Grandma.

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Alan: When I was in business school, the practices you call good business were called dishonest. Fred: Yeah, well, times change, people change. References in periodicals archive? I accept that times change in politics, for example the Labour Party used to be left-wing not right-wing and so on.

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Letter: Tory joke. Still, times change , as Rudetsky recently discovered.

Setting the date and time in Windows 8

As we change, we find that people around us begin to respond to us differently. I have experienced this numerous times.

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Whenever I decide to move on, or to let go, or to adjust, I notice a shift around me. Genuine transformative change has to be initiated from inside. All of us are, to a greater or lesser degree, stuck in old patterns of thinking and behavior, and this blinds us to myriad opportunities of learning and growing. To have a rigid attitude is a painful way of being. Living in confusion, fear or low self-esteem is not comfortable either. However there are solutions to these challenges if we seek to find them.

Time & Change

When we have the will, and we apply some understanding and effort, then we can really begin to shape and direct our life. The human race is passing through a critical period in its journey, as evidenced by increasing conflict on a domestic to a global scale. We can either be adversely affected by this climate of anxiety and fear, or we can be agents for change.

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If the wrong date and time is being set, you may need to change your time zone, or if you want to increase or decrease the time for other reasons, follow the steps below. If you want to change how the computer handles daylight savings, click the Time Zone tab and check or uncheck the Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes option.

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Steps may vary for your BIOS. For additional information, see our BIOS guide. If after rebooting the computer the date and time have to be set again, your CMOS battery is most likely bad, and you should consider replacing the CMOS battery.

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See our date command page for further information. See our time command page for further information. Use the date command to set the date and time.