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Once you're ready to take the plunge, head on over to our Day Clean Eating Challenge for step-by-step guidance on how to make clean eating a lifelong thing. In two words: It's not. Or rather, not categorically. Processing "can also include altering the consistency or taste of food to make it more appealing," Fanzo adds. So that delicious post-workout kale-celery-spinach-banana smoothie you had?

Enjoy that virtuous feeling knowing that you were likely able to down that giant amount of greens because your treat was somewhat processed. Still, even though pasteurized milk, kale smoothies, and instant oatmeal are all processed, that doesn't make them on par with doughnuts and Diet Coke. As you can probably guess, the health problems associated with ultra-processed food are numerous.

What Is Clean Eating? Why Eating Clean Is Total BS, Per a Nutritionist

Foods with genetically modified organisms GMOs have been linked to cancer and infertility; highly processed foods are stripped of nutrients needed for overall health; and heavily modified food tends to have additives that overstimulate the production of dopamine, the "pleasure" neurotransmitter, perpetuating a negative cycle of constant junk food cravings.

Considering the increasing abundance of "healthfully" enhanced products in the grocery aisles or perhaps even your refrigerator , he may be on to something. If you want more guidance, check out these seven other guidelines for cleaning up your diet. Thanks to extensive research that has linked eating whole foods with good health, "we do know that largely plant-based diets are healthy," says Fanzo. Raw fruits and veggies, specifically, have also been linked to better mental health. Plus, there's research linking diets high in fruits and veggies to healthy weight management and glowing skin and hair as if you needed more motivation.

More proof: Science even found that women think guys who eat more produce are more attractive. Pesticide-free organic food is preferable to avoid consuming added hormones or chemicals. Or you can even level-up and go for biodynamic foods.

It's also important to note that eating clean doesn't give you free rein to eat endless quantities. They may be healthy foods, but they still have calories! Realistically, eating clean doesn't mean you need to eat everything raw and straight from the ground.

What Is Clean Eating?

That's more like the raw food diet. It means choosing minimally processed foods with few ingredients on the label, if it has a label at all. When perusing the main aisles for packaged foods, ask yourself: Where did this food or its ingredients come from? How much has it been processed or handled? The ingredient label should be short, and all ingredients should be recognizable. Scan for easy-to-avoid additives like artificial coloring and flavors. When cooking food, "the focus should be on maintaining the integrity of what you are consuming and avoiding high-fat cooking methods such as deep-frying or stewing in animal or vegetable fats," says Miranda Hammer, R.

When cooking, opt for flash-cook methods such as stir-frying and ones without additives like steaming. For fruits and veggies, raw is best, but steaming is a close second in terms of preserving nutritional value and keeping the food's natural integrity. The paleo diet , which promotes eating only foods as our ancestors did during the Paleolithic era, is similar to a clean diet in that they both advocate whole foods. To keep your added sugar intake to a minimum, hydrate with healthy options like water, water infused with fresh fruit and unsweetened green tea.

One of the best ways to make your diet healthier and cleaner is to eat more plant-based meals.

Vegetables can be added to almost every meal or snack, upping the nutritional content and taking the place of less healthy items on your plate. Start by eating at least one plant-based meal per day, whether that be breakfast, lunch or dinner. A rule of thumb when shopping is to purchase foods that contain only whole, natural ingredients and are low in added sugar. For example, although avocados and nuts are high in calories, they are packed with nutrients like fiber and healthy fats that can promote weight loss by keeping you satisfied between meals 8 , 9 , Diets higher in protein have been shown to suppress hunger, boost metabolism, increase muscle mass and decrease body fat 11 , 12 , Clean sources of protein like eggs, poultry, fish, tofu, dairy, nuts and beans can be easily added to any meal.

Adopting a clean eating pattern that involves trying new foods is an excellent way to get healthier and expand your palate. Before you know it, you will have a wide variety of ingredients to use in your recipes to make cooking enjoyable and fun. Including a wide variety of nutritious vegetables, fruits and spices in your diet is an important part of eating clean. Colorful options like berries, greens, sweet potatoes, red peppers and turmeric are packed with powerful plant compounds and nutrients that are essential for health.

One of the easiest ways to eat more brightly colored produce is to enjoy a large salad of mixed vegetables every day.

What banned substances might be hiding in your groceries? Find out now

To up the nutritional content even more, top it with a homemade dressing of olive oil, turmeric, apple cider vinegar and fresh ginger. This way, you always have the ability to make healthy meals and snacks. Set aside time every week to go grocery shopping , which will ensure your kitchen is stocked with the ingredients necessary to keep you on track with your wellness goals.

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Keeping a supply of healthy canned, frozen and bulk ingredients on hand can make last-minute meals a breeze. Canned beans, frozen vegetables and grains like quinoa and oats are affordable, clean ingredients that can be stored in the freezer and pantry to be enjoyed at any time. The good news is that clean eating is a weight loss method that can be followed for life, without depriving yourself or using unhealthy tactics to reach a healthy weight. By simply cutting out ultra-processed foods and following a diet of whole foods, your health will improve in numerous ways, including losing excess pounds.

Fortunately, there are loads of delicious alternatives that can make clean eating easier, especially for those used to eating lots of sweets. Although coffee is a healthy drink on its own, additives like sweetened syrups, artificial sweeteners and whipped cream can negatively impact your health and waistline.

What is clean eating?

Popular coffee drinks like frappuccinos, mochas and sweetened lattes can pack in hundreds of calories. In order to keep your coffee healthy and avoid flooding your body with excessive amounts of sugar, keep your drink simple and opt for unsweetened items.

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Intuitive eating is a technique that teaches you how to make healthy choices and promotes a positive relationship with food. It involves paying attention to hunger and fullness cues, which can decrease chances of overeating and help you overcome unhealthy habits like overeating. Intuitive eating is a tool that may improve your mental health, as well.

One study found that women following an intuitive eating program experienced significant decreases in binge eating behaviors, as well as significant improvements in mental wellbeing Incorporating organic, local foods into your diet can boost the nutritional value of your diet and decrease your intake of contaminants like herbicides and pesticides. Making a point to buy organic versions of the foods on this list, such as strawberries and spinach, can help reduce your intake of potentially harmful substances.

Purchasing local, organic food isn't only good for your health — it also benefits the planet by promoting biodiversity and reducing environmental contaminants. By increasing your intake of whole, clean foods and eating fewer unhealthy, processed items, you can positively impact your overall health and wellbeing. Try incorporating a few of these tips every week. Before you know it, you will be living a healthier, happier lifestyle. Clean eating is way of eating that focuses on fresh, natural foods.

The Ultimate Guide to Clean Eating

This article explains what clean eating is and shares 11 simple ways clean up your…. A simple 3-step plan to lose weight fast, along with numerous effective weight loss tips. And, although the phrase is relatively new, the principles of this plan are not. The principles are based on current nutrition science and are similar to recommendations made by public health organizations. This sound approach to eating and living well maximizes your energy and optimizes your health, making it more than just a diet. Eventually it landed in gyms, where it gained momentum among body builders and fitness models.

Recently, however, it made the jump into mainstream America, rejuvenating and inspiring a new generation of healthy eaters. With each move, the clean eating concept became more refined and developed. Here are the seven core principles of today:. Processed foods are anything in a box, bag, can, or package, and although there are always a few exceptions to the rule like a bag of fresh green beans , the majority of your foods should be fresh. While it may not be possible all the times, you can up your intake of whole grains like brown rice, millet, amaranth, and quinoa.

Beans and legumes are also important.