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This 7 step process written out on a white board with stick figures has become somewhat famous! Sort of on accident.

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This is the best way to illustrate the 7 steps to [ Jen Siever is not a new agent, but she is new to short sales, she gives us all her tips and tricks! I Love Short Sales.

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Arizona Short Sale Home Subscribe. A lot of people have been asking me: What do I say in my sales letter to homeowners in foreclosure? What do I say in my marketing in general? When: Thursday February 28th 7pm — 9pm Where: See the link!

Don’t Let a Short Sale Keep You From a New Mortgage

A short sale is not for everyone. We can help advise you whether a short sale will benefit you. A short sale is a sales transaction in which the seller's mortgage lender agrees to accept a payoff of less than the balance due on the loan. In the short sale process, you sell your home and settle your mortgage debt for less than the amount that you owe. While we work with you to complete a short sale, banks will continue to report the status of your account to the major credit reporting agencies.

Why Short Sales Aren't So Short

If a short sale is completed on your property, they will report that your loan was "paid in full for less than the full balance". Seller signs a listing agreement with a real estate agent subject to selling as a short sale with third-party approval. The owner, or if the owner has an agent, finds a buyer who makes an offer for less than the amount of the mortgage. Unless Congress renews the act, as it has twice before, borrowers will now have to count mortgage relief as income on their federal tax returns.

The Senate Finance Committee has approved a package of tax-code extensions that includes renewal of mortgage debt relief retroactive to January and through Dec. That package may be brought for a vote before the full Senate after the Easter recess, Mr. Gregory said, but it could stall after that because the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee wants to take a more thorough look at the extensions.

The Realtors association has long favored making the mortgage debt exemption permanent. Gregory said.

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