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Snow reports that every one of these breakups resulted in hard feelings from the girls, the husbands, the boyfriends, the brothers and fathers of these jilted lovers. To top it off, Snow reports, that when the microfilm office on East 10th Street was searched after the murders, it was discovered that most of the equipment they were using had been stolen from their previous employer.

While it would be hard to find anyone who could furnish the names of the LaSalle Street murder victims, many Hoosiers can easily recall the name of the detective placed in charge of the crime back in Joe McAtee was a relatively unknown I. Lieutenant when he got the call to head up the homicide team that would investigate the murders. Bob Snow used his 38 years of experience as a police officer to gain access to the original documents and parties involved to solve this case. Snow notes that this case is unusual because it was investigated three different times.

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The author confirms that at one time in the early s, the detectives on the case considered the idea that the murders were ordered by the Mob. There was blood everywhere in the house. Your carotid artery shoots blood out, their hearts were still pumping for 20 seconds after their throats were cut. They were definitely struggling. When you read the book you see that … what happened was the most likely scenario. In homicide, often times, we believe the simplest explanation is the right one.

Then you start from motive and go forward. You always have to develop a flexible tentative theory on any crime and work to prove or disprove it.

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The crime was terribly brutal in nature and the details nearly unspeakable. The victims were unsympathetic hard-drinking, hard-partying young playboys whose thuggish ways were difficult to sign off on. Although apparently hard-working in their business life, their amoral attitude led them to succeed by any means necessary. The way they treated women and the details of their sex contest were morally repulsive.

But perhaps most importantly, none of the three men had ties to Indianapolis. They had only been in town for a few months before their death and all three were buried out of state. Author Robert Snow answers all these questions and more.

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I suggest you go and visit him at the Irvington public library this coming Tuesday evening at p. Contact Al directly at Huntvault aol. Snow Robert L. Product Details.

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