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Gives suggested liturgies for each services including those related to Taize.

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Back Children Youth Adult Multigenerational. Between Sundays I visit with people who are facing a struggle that few in their lives understand. They're sick or injured. Dying or bereaved. Depressed, heart-broken, betrayed, alone, or wrestling with doubt. And if you come to church on Palm Sunday and Easter, you might not think we in the church know anything about that. But if you come between Sundays, you'll find a faith that knows what that is like.

More than that, you'll find a God who knows what that is like. To me, the most comforting part of Holy Week is not the waving of triumphal palms on one Sunday morning, or the flowers and joyous hymns on the next.

Work at Boston’s cathedral will be finished by Holy Week

It's what happens in between. It's Jesus on Maundy Thursday sharing a table with the people he loved the most. It's him washing their feet, and showing that the mark of a true leader is whether they can serve others. It's Jesus still loving those disciples even though he knew that, at best, they would abandon him, and at worst, they would betray him. And it's Jesus in the garden, alone, heart-broken, and struggling between what he wanted to do and what he knew he had to do.

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And on Good Friday, it continues. The world turns against him, and the ones who cheered his entry in Jerusalem instead cheer his death. He suffers. He calls out to a God who does not seem to answer. He doubts. He feels pain, and loss, and grief. And in the end he loses the life he knew. I'm sometimes asked by those who are going through a difficult time whether God is angry when they have doubts, or when they wonder why God doesn't seem to be answering prayers. They ask if God understands when we suffer, or when we feel alone. The one who lived as one of us. Who loved as one of us.

Who doubted as one of us. Who suffered as one of us. And who died as one of us. And only then do I point to the Christ who rose again, and overcame the worst that the world could throw at him.

Work at Boston’s cathedral will be finished by Holy Week - The Boston Globe

I sometimes worry that we are forgetting the lessons of Holy Week. As more churches cancel mid-week services due to low attendance and over-scheduled members, and instead roll all the stories into a Passion Sunday service on Palm Sunday, I wonder if we are losing that time we once had to sit with Christ in his own human struggles? And I wonder if when we lose that time, do we then lose our ability to learn to sit with others in their struggle, and with ourselves in our own?

But what would Christian life look like if we took that time?

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  4. What if we became known not just as the people who knew what to do on Sundays, but the ones who knew how to stay with you when your life was falling apart, just as Christ asks us to do on Maundy Thursday? Or the ones who could stand by and still love and respect you even when you call out your doubts, as Jesus did on the cross? What would happen if we weren't just know for our Easter Sunday celebrations, but for our Thursday night solidarity? Our Friday afternoon compassion?

    We have the capacity to be those people. We have it because Christ has called us to be those people. All we have to do is be willing to make the journey with him. Not just on Sundays, but on the days between.

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